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Consulting Services

Navigating the nuanced world of franchising, MetroBizPros extends a strategic hand in guiding your venture through the intricate pathways of buying and selling franchise units. Our depth of expertise in franchise resales and comprehensive consulting services is crafted to elevate your franchising journey, ensuring every decision made and step taken is well-informed, thoroughly considered, and precisely executed.

Why Partner with MetroBizPros?

Embark on your franchising journey with a partner who doesn’t just understand the nuances of buy/sell transactions, but foresees the potential challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. At MetroBizPros, we weave together a strategic foresight, industry expertise, and innovative solutions to navigate through your franchise lifecycle, ensuring every decision made is one step forward towards your envisioned success.

Buy/Sell Franchise Units

​Experience a seamless transition in your franchising journey, whether you are on the quest to acquire or dispose of a franchise unit. MetroBizPros facilitates an unparallel match-making between buyers and sellers, ensuring each transaction aligns impeccably with your financial aspirations and strategic outlook.


Franchise Resale Services

​Dive into the lucrative world of franchise resales with our guidance, where we ensure your resale ventures are optimized for maximum return. From precise valuation to strategic market positioning, we navigate through every resale aspect, delivering results that resonate with your business goals.



​Safeguard your interests with our negotiation services, where our negotiators helm the table to secure deals that are not just favorable but strategically advantageous. With a meticulous approach, we advocate for terms that propel your franchise towards a future of sustained growth and profitability.


Transaction Management

​Experience the tranquility of having every transaction managed with utmost precision and diligence. From initial contact through to closing, our transaction management services ensure that every phase is executed with accuracy, maintaining compliance and safeguarding your interests throughout the transaction lifecycle.


Financing Assistance

​Propel your franchise venture with our financing assistance, ensuring your financial groundwork is not just solid but primed for growth. From identifying suitable financing options to assisting in loan application and approval processes, we navigate through the financial maze, bringing you closer to your franchising aspirations.

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